UX "like a boss" in six steps

Fundamentals, Agile and design, research, design best practice, sketching, deisgn tools and Workshops

"Bernard's course is excellent, motivational and inspiring. It was good to see different approaches, new ways to do ux design and it's given me lots of new ideas and skills to take back to the training room."

Ronnie McGibbon, Designer UX/UI

Easy, sensible, relevant

There's a million versions of UX out there in business. Every place has it's own flavour and so do we. This is by far the easiest way to cut through the crap that complicates, delays and at times, totally derails design. It is by far the fastest way to deliver a relevant result and get the approval of the team.

Karen Blake

Karen Blake, Program Director
Land Services Business Reform Program

“The UX Design principles are about so much more than app development – we’ve taken these principles and applied them to business change projects, strategy development and app development…pretty much anything and everything. By getting the right people in the room at the beginning, carving things up into bite size pieces, focusing on the problem we can turn things around a lot more quickly, with greater buy in and far more relevance. As with everything, collaboration and communication are fundamental to success. The UX Design principles bring those together!”

What is UX?

I guarantee everyone you ask gives you a different answer! First let me tell you that UX isn’t about “delighting” users. It isn’t about pretty designs either. I guarantee it is what you think it is and so much more. It’s also the hottest thing in the IT industry right now and not only is there a MASSIVE shortage of these people the demand continues to rise. Why? Because when you have the eye you can make big changes with (sometime) the simplest and smallest of things. And business know it.

Emma Howard Jones, Head of Talent ansarada.

“During 2014 a number of significant shifts were felt in the UX world in Australia. And these shifts have lead to a growing sense of unease within organisation as to whether they can hire sufficient numbers of skilled designers to realise their innovation plans at the pace they need to. Every enterprise business is ‘scaling up’ their experience design capabilities. All. Of. Them.”

Can you learn it? Yes.

UX is a lot of common sense, talking to people, analysing stuff and taking notes…but it’s also very dynamic and a heap of fun. 

This is a simple dot-to-dot formula that was road tested across 8 different IT professions and 32 different businesses. It cuts out all the crap around UX. No longer do you need to spend a big chunk of your hard-earned cash or time to learn it either.

Each module is reinforced with everyday-task-exercises you know so it really sticks with you. This helps the transference of knowledge by mapping UX methods to everyday tasks.

"I got really sick of being bored and disengaged at work and while I'd been successful at NAB, I wasn't enjoying the work I had been doing in my previous few roles . I had a choice; I could either just go to another role for the sake of it or start getting excited about something. I chose the later and started looking at what my passions were. Psychology, design and tech. With this I took a scary leap of faith and signed up for Bernard's pilot UX course. I really didn't know much about all the ins and outs of UX, there weren't that many roles at NAB so it was hard to think of this as a good career option.

My first day I fell in love with sharpies and post it notes and haven't looked back since. I've been in my role at NAB now working on an enterprise platform for 18 months and haven't looked back since. While making such a transition into a new field is never easy, the work is what I love doing, I'm engaged with being an advocate for our employees and making a real difference to the way they work.

Normally by now I would have been in another role but I love my job (and the bucks aren't bad either). UX is a career for me and not just another job to pay the bills."

Steph Gan, Senior Analyst

Want to move?

You’d absolutely love to move to UX and it sounds so interesting. But you’re already doing a full time job, don’t have experience or a portfolio and can’t afford a $10,000 price tag and 3 months off work. You want to get the right stuff fast but it seems all too hard and confusing. It’s not your fault. Trying to learn UX, move jobs, reinvent yourself and earn more money is BLOODY. HARD. WORK.

"I'm now in a senior UX role and finally getting that six figure salary I've always wanted thanks to this course."

Drew Roller, Head of User Experience Design

Re-invent yourself! 

I've transitioned from developer, to tester, to business analyst, to user experience designer to UX BOSS. We now train business teams and help bring UX into business processes. This is the same training. But don't take our word for it...

"My transition to UX has been a life changer, I am not turning back! I can't emphasise enough the importance of finding a great mentor for getting advice and letting you know what your in for in the real world of UX. Bernard has been a great source of knowledge and has connected me with some great people in the UX community. Along with hard work and dedication his advice and direction has helped me shape a solid start to my career in places like Bupa, AMP, Start-ups and more recently William Hill."

Jamie Treyvaud, UX Designer

"I was at a stale point in my career and needed to figure out what the next steps would be for me. Attending this course solidified my passion for User Experience and after only 3 months I was gaining real work experience in the field and after 6 months had gained my first permanent role. I haven't looked back since"

Steph Gan, Senior Analyst

"The Training Course helped me to land my first UX/UI Role at one of Australia’s leading online wagering companies. Not only do I love what I do now but get to work on new and exciting innovative projects."

Stefan Jayawardana, UX/UI Designer

"An excellent teacher who goes beyond the point of duty. He designs curriculum to meet industry needs and makes himself accessible to students. He engages students in a way that demonstrates the importance of including industry practitioners within academic staff. Most importantly to me, Bernard instills in students a deep seated confidence in their own abilities to negotiate a tricky and competitive industry. In the spirit of 'continuous improvement', Bernard turns every learning activity into an opportunity to develop. As Bernard engages with everyone with respect, he is suited to teaching at all levels. The feedback I've received from students is highly positive."

Natasha Dwyer, Senior Lecturer & Researcher of Trust in Digital Environments

"Bernard is an inspirational teacher and UX mentor. What differentiates him from other educators is his very practical, business-centric approach, alongside his calm and inclusive teaching style. Bernard simplifies complex ideas and delivers them in a way that sticks with you. I finished his unit at Vic Uni with a powerful UX toolkit that I immediately put into practice at work. I'd highly recommend Bernard if you're seeking a no-nonsense approach to learning, or if you're just looking for someone to help your team make sense of a complicated project."

Kym Logan, Manager Defence Science Communications

"We just finished a review of our customer on-boarding process. It's a very practical, engaging and agile process of getting to the heart of the issues, getting team alignment and very quickly deriving at an answer. It was invaluable, we got a lot out of the session."

Con Nikolouzakis, Co-Founder & Managing Director

The "UX Like a Boss" master course will give you...

Methods & tools

Get proven tools and systems that deliver scalable results – You’ll learn how to design in small, relevant, punchy releases that reduce go-to-market risk and overhead.


Give you confidence, clarity and motivation — You’ll be shocked at this simple process we've been using with large businesses that takes all the hard work out of UX. Truly.


Feel awesome about yourself, your abilities and your contribution to the world — Learn the art of listening, tap into intuition, help make others lives easier and be rewarded for it.


Establish mind-blowing new habits to up level your success — Finally know that you’re heading down the right path with the exact methods that have worked for others.

Money back guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee If you are unsatisfied with this course for any reason, you can request a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase and you can even keep the recorded videos, templates and resources. 

What's in the bootcamp?

Core Modules

Step #1

What is user experience?

User Experience (UX) is many things to many people, depending on where they've come from. It’s massively subjective. This foundation module includes an incredible amount of content and sets the scene for the modules to come.

Step #2

Agile scrum & UX

In this module we step through the agile process and show you how to integrate UX into Agile using UX bombs like design studios and minimum viable product (MVP). The flavour of Agile you eventually adopt will reflect your business, team and customers.

Step #3

Research - A.H.I.C.U.P

A huge part of UX is knowing what the customer wants. We'll work our way through six of the most commonly used UX research techniques: Affinity diagrams, Heuristic evaluation, Interviews, Card sorting, User journeys and Personas.

Step #4

Heuristics & best practice

Heuristics and best practice are constantly evolving. I’ll give you the latest thinking, but also encourage you to list your own rules and principles in a way that makes sense to you. Your list should evolve as UX, your business and your customers evolve.

Step #5

Design - sketching & tools

Sketching is a quick and simple way to make your first design steps. If you can draw a circle, square, triangle and line, then you can sketch! Once you've decided on a design direction, we’ll move to design tools that’ll make you look like a pro.

Step #6

The UX workshop

Now I'm sure there are a million versions of UX out there in business. Every place I've worked has had its own flavour, and so do I! Steal my process, then change it to suit your business and make it your own.

Bonus module

The Ultimate UX Module

Focus, Intention, Intuition

My passion outside UX. I believe to evolve digitally we must equally evolve consciously and so I'd like to share with you three things that changed my life and the way I apply UX.

A package right for you

The "UX Like a Boss" Master Course is a simple, six-part interactive online program developed from our business training program from the past two years of live face-to-face training sessions, workshops and and live road tests.

There’s no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

Still here? Then it's probably time to jump!​

UX Like a Boss


8 Monthly Payments of USD$297

  • UX Like a Boss Course - Module 1 (intro)
  • UX Like a BOSS Course Modules 2 to 6
  • Running UX Inception Workshops
  • Bonus - Focus, Intention & Intuition
  • Pro Templates & Resources Section
  • Access to The BOSS Subscribers Community Channel
  • Access to Fortnightly Webinars for QnA
  • Initial 15-Minute Personal Strategy Session with Bernard
  • 3-Months Unlimited Mentor-Style Consulting with Bernard

(Pay in full and save $477)

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8 monthly payments of $297

UX Like a Boss


8 Monthly Payments of USD$197

  • UX Like a Boss Course Modules 1 (intro)
  • UX Like a Boss Course Modules 2 to 6
  • Running UX Inception Workshops
  • Bonus - Focus Intention & Intuition
  • Pro Templates & Resources Section
  • Access to The BOSS Subscribers Community Channel
  • Access to Fortnightly Webinars for QnA
  • Initial 15 Minute Personal Strategy Session with Bernard
  • 3-Months Unlimited Mentor-Style Consulting with Bernard

(Pay in full and save $279)

Need a payment plan?
8 monthly payments of $197

UX Like a Boss


8 Monthly Payments of USD$47

  • UX Like a Boss Course Module 1 (intro)
  • ​UX Like a BOSS Course Modules 2 to 6
  • Running UX Inception Workshops
  • ​Bonus - Focus, Intention & Intuition
  • Pro Templates & Resources Section
  • Access to The BOSS Subscribers Community Channel
  • Access to Fortnightly Webinars for QnA
  • Initial 15-Minute Personal Strategy Session with Bernard
  • ​3 Months Unlimited Mentor-Style Consulting with Bernard

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Need a payment plan?
8 monthly payments of $47


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