Why I Wrote “UX Like a BOSS in 30 Days” (eBook)

UX or User Experience Design is how we design for the web and mobile today. This topic is so hot right now, most of the companies have been bought out by corporates to bring the skill in house. We’ve had a shortage in the market since 2015 and employers are offering top dollar but finding no one. If you’re looking for a career change and fancy design then this could be for you! Just remember what I always say, “anyone can UX, all you need is the design thinking!” – Bernard

There’s So Much Information

There’s so much information out there about UX but the reason why it’s such a difficult topic to make sense of is that most of the information is a deep dive into a particular part of it. Very few books give you the landscape and that’s why I wrote “UX Like a BOSS in 30 Days” – sample. So people wanting to specialise in it and business wanting to get the most out of it, can. Quickly and easily!

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Don’t Read If You Already Know What UX Is

Before I continue let me define UX for you in terms you relate to. UX is all about First Impressions and then extending that First Impression through the lifetime of the relationship to create a Lasting Impression. Much like a friendship/relationship. Pretty fundamental for authentic connections right! If you get that, then I believe that you have the essence. How you design that First Impression and how you maintain that Lasting Impression…well, that’s entirely what UX is all about!

The Back Story

When I first started in UX back in 2007 there wasn’t that much information around or people to talk to either. Actually, it wasn’t even called UX and although it had been going for sometime in the US and the UK not much had filtered down to Oz (Australia). These days we’re all pretty much up to speed, meaning, we all have access to the same information.

For Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

What makes UX Like a BOSS in 30 Daysdifferent than other UX books is thatIhaven’t written it for the practitioners and businesses of today. I’ve written it for the ones of tomorrow. Many practitioners of today, want to remain Design Hero’s (I did) and many businesses of today want to “keep doing things the way they’ve always done it”. And that is dead. Practitioners of today need to become the facilitators of tomorrow and in doing so let go of Ego and let the team design and rather facilitate the design. Businesses of today need to let go of “The way we’ve always done it” and work in smaller circles, take smaller bites of risk, measure success ongoing and be comfortable with not having a roadmap.The customer decides that based on what they use. We experiment because we don’t know – either do they. But in this market, that is the fastest route to success.

Change Is Hard

And don’t snuff at businesses trying to and going through change, it’s bloody hard (just you try give up chocolate or coffee) and going down a road we’ve never travelled down whether it be personal or business is tough. You can get hurt, you can lose money and oftentimes… both. Anyone who risks themselves with high intensity sports and businesses knows this well. But this is the mentality we’re being called to become. From the Industrial Age, through the Information Age and now to the Age of Authenticity or dare I say it – the Age of Conscious Awareness. 

These are the businesses and designers I constantly seek to work with in Australia UXTraining and worldwide UXMoshpit. Yes you absolutely will hit the ground and yes you will get hurt. But, you have to jump so your parachute can eventually open in the trust that Life and Business will be more exciting than it’s ever been.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated. Get the Free eBook & Videos or grab the Complete Book and start today.


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