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Actually I'd like to get all 15 Chapters of the eBook...

A Note from Bernard

My goal is to help you side-step those major pitfalls so that you can confidently walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk when it comes to Experience Design. I want to get you clearly understanding this topic, on the path to building a Kick-Ass Portfolio, NAIL the UX Job Interview of Your Dreams and get a 6-Figure Salary in the next 6-18 Months! All while serving the world in the most exciting way possible - Experience Design!

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What People Are Saying

Kurt Pretorius,Consultant at Fusion5

"I'd summarise "UX like a Boss in 30 days" as a simple approach to what's been previously made a highly over-complicated process by other authors. It was a refreshing and straight forward read for designing an intuitive website which made sense from go-to-whoa."

Jerell Lozada,Manager Solution Services, DPTI

"This UX book was very easy to digest, simple and straight to the point – even though it addresses complex ideas. The UX process and ideologies that Bernard has written in his book is a breath of fresh air and a modern approach to Software development. He merges UX and the whole Agile development nicely and is very relevant to the world the we live in today where we have impatient customers with high expectations demanding high quality products that can only be delivered with a collaborative yet rapid UX development approach."

Divya Emrith,UX & Digital Media Student, Victoria University

"The easy to grasp concepts and witty definitions in the book, UX like a Boss in 30 days, completely demystified UX for me. With its well defined approaches and guidelines, this book is the perfect tool for beginners who want to get started in UX."

Bernard Chan,Project Coordinator at Nissan Motor Corporation

"Once I started, it took me less than 2 hours straight to read the book. I loved every page of it!!! What I liked was the Crisp, flowing language. Bite sized chunks that is easy for me to put down and pick up quickly. Packed with punch and a broad sweep across a range of UX topics, deep enough for meatiness without being overwhelmingly technical. I also liked that you introduced some memorable quotes and terminology. What inspired me? I too can UX as long as I have the UX eye!"

Karen Blake,Program Director, Land Services Business Reform Program

“The UX Design principles are about so much more than app development – we’ve taken these principles and applied them to business change projects, strategy development and app development…pretty much anything and everything. By getting the right people in the room at the beginning, carving things up into bite size pieces, focussing on the problem we can turn things around a lot more quickly, with greater buy in and far more relevance. As with everything, collaboration and communication are fundamental to success. The UX Design principles bring those together!”

Hazel Ngare,UX & Digtial Media Student, Victoria University

“Being a student, I can confidently say that 'UX like a boss in 30 days' is a book that has left an impact in my life. I have not only enjoyed the book but also felt inspired and challenged to be better at everything I aspire to do. I have been taught important life skills. Thanks Bernard for reminding me how important it is to do what I love.”

Actually I'd like to get all 15 Chapters of the eBook...



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